SHM Leadership  

Sovereign House's leadership is covered by the Partners in Harvest family of churches and is composed of a trio of minsters with a heart for Native people and the nations. The vision is for Sovereign House to become a church planting church where they can multiply exponentially what God is doing in their midst to other regions of North America and the world. 

Rev. RoxAnne Canivet


Rev. RoxAnne, a member of the Wolf Clan and part of the Iroquois tribe,  was born in Ontario, Canada. Her father, who was Upper Cayuga, moved the family to America when she was young, so she spent the first part of her childhood in Detroit, Michigan. Then, after the death of her father and little brother, her mother moved RoxAnne and her older sister back to Canada where they have lived ever since.


Rev. RoxAnne graduated from World Impact Bible Institute in 2001 and was ordained as a minister the following year by Open Faith Bible Fellowship. In 2001, she founded Sovereign House Ministries with her husband, Greg and in 2008 Partners in Harvest came on board as the church's official covering. Today, Rev. RoxAnne serves as the lead pastor of Sovereign House and is a proud mother, grandmother, and recently, great-grandmother. She lives in Waterford, Ontario. 

Greg Canivet, Lead Worshipper


Lead Worshipper Greg Canivet, who co-founded SHM with his wife Rev. RoxAnne, says that Sovereign House wants to create an atmosphere where traditional Native instruments (like the drum) and Native dancing and chanting are incorporated into worship in redemptive ways, reconnecting people with God's love of Native culture.


SHM's vision for its music ministry is to, literally, surrounded God's people with songs of deliverance (Psalm 32:7) .  "What I’m hoping for is to have a music ministry team that is not aloof from the worshippers. When we’re worshipping, the singers will not be confined to the stage, but will be free to go out among the congregation." 

Barb McKnight, Secretary/Treasurer


Barb has been with Sovereign House Ministries from its very beginnings. “I met RoxAnne when we were both young mothers. Our paths kept crossing over the years and then one day RoxAnne told me she had become a minister. She brought me to Christ and we have been together since the church plant in 2001.” As one of the core members of Sovereign House, Barb says she is looking forward to establishing a “home base” on the reserve “so that we can actually get to know more about our people and our heritage and build a bridge between Natives and Non-Natives.” Being both Native and Non-Native, Barb says she sees both sides of the coin and, therefore, has a heart for ministering to the wounds of both.  "Non-Natives need to learn about what our Native ancestors went through at the hands of missionaries and realize (why Natives are) angry and mistrusting. Natives need to learn to trust again.”