Living Off The Land

Sovereign House's Farm provides fresh produce and healthy food for the local community because it understands the importance of caring for people in practical ways. Farm fresh eggs and hearty vegetables and fruits are some of the healthy foods that the SHM Farm harvests and then either sells or gives away.

Farm Fresh Produce

North American Natives have a great respect for animal life. They hunt, but only for food (not for sport) and raise animals responsibly and organically, making sure to take only what they need to live.

Chickens are among the animals that are currently raised on the farm to supply fresh eggs and meat. SHM hopes to raise cattle in the coming years as well. The milk, eggs, and meat supplied by SHM animals is offered freely to those in need in the local community and sold to those who appreciate local produce and want to invest in responsible ranching and farming methods.

Healthy Harvests

North American Natives have spent centuries learning how to live off the land and teaching Non-Native peoples how to do the same. Their environmental wisdom is one of their greatest gifts to the nations!

SHM has inherited the legacy of wisdom regarding land stewardship and regards its farmlands as one of its most significant endeavours. In the spring,  SHM ministers work hard to prepare the fields for planting fruits, vegetables and herbs. In the fall, crops are  harvested and made available to those living on the reserve and the local community.