Welcome Friend  :)

WELCOME TO SOVEREIGN HOUSE Christian Fellowship &  Ministries (SHM).  We are a community of Native and Non-Native Christians who have a heart for seeing people of all nations flourish and succeed. We believe the North American Native community has a lot to offer the world so we at Sovereign House are committed to being the kind of Christ-like people who, with God's power and wisdom, engage the world around us with both high hopes and humble hearts. We welcome you to join with us in this journey! 

FORGIVENESS & RECONCILIATION  Sovereign House cares deeply about the injustices North American Natives have suffered. Our heart is to help reconnect Native North Americans with God's deep love and respect for them and His desire for them to flourish.  We believe it is only through this reconnection with the Father's heart that Native peoples will become a truly healthy and vibrant community who can reach out and rebuild relationships with Non Natives from a position of strength, respect, and kindness, helping North Americans move forward unified and at peace.

THE  FUTURE OF NORTH AMERICA     Sovereign House believes confidently that the future of North America is not only one of friendship between Natives and Non Natives, but also one of harmony between creatures and creation.  All creation groans as it waits for God's Native children to be invited to a place of influence at the national table, where the wisdom, stories, and eldership of the Native community can remind us North Americans of our role as stewards (not owners) of land,  guardians (not dictators) of our environment, and caretakers of animal life. We at Sovereign House are excited and honoured to be a part of it all, and welcome you to learn more about how you can be a part of it with us!

Photo by Lisa Vigliotta Photography for Sovereign House.